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Report – Impact of Covid-19 on the microfinance sector: focus on the Caucasus region

Monday 4th, October 2021

With the Covid-19 pandemic affecting every industry in the world, including the microfinance sector, Symbiotics and CGAP have partnered to publish a series of briefs that explore how Covid-19 has affected the microfinance sector based on Symbiotics’ data and our analysts’ expertise. Four briefs that

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The fourth snapshot in the Covid-19 CGAP-Symbiotics series is available

Wednesday 28th, July 2021

This latest update confirms that global microfinance recovery continues, especially in Africa, but pandemic’s longterm impact remains uncertain.

Read the latest snapshot : Snapshot: MFIs During the Crisis – July 2021

About this snapshot
This snapshot is part of a series published by CGAP an

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The third snapshot in the Covid-19 CGAP-Symbiotics series is available

Wednesday 28th, April 2021

This latest update confirms that the microfinance sector remains resilient and on its way to a cautious and gradual recovery, but the pace depends on type of institution, region, and capital buffers.

Read the latest snapshot with a spotlight on Latin America: Snapshot: MFIs During the Crisis – Ap

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Returning to microfinance field visits in India

Wednesday 24th, February 2021

Shefali’s travel notes, Investment Analyst in Singapore
When I arrived in India a couple weeks ago, after many months confined in Singapore, the most bizarre thing of all that struck me was how normal things appeared. At least superficially. The usual hustle and bustle on the streets has resumed

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The second snapshot in the Covid-19 CGAP-Symbiotics series is available

Tuesday 23rd, February 2021

This update confirms that MFIs remain resilient. A year into the COVID-19 pandemic, liquidity concerns in the microfinance sector have not materialized as anticipated. Where loan payments moratoria ended, repayments rates have been encouraging. Disbursements are also picking up again, closer to what

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CGAP and Symbiotics partner to monitor COVID-19’s impact on Microfinance

Tuesday 17th, November 2020

CGAP and Symbiotics launched a partnership to track and analyze the performance of hundreds of microfinance institutions (MFIs) across the world over the next six months, in an ongoing effort to shed light on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the microfinance sector.

The COVID-19 pandemic ha

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Symbiotics statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic

Thursday 19th, March 2020

Geneva, March 18, 2020

Dear Clients and Partners,

We would like to update you on Symbiotics’ response to the pandemic situation and public health policies being put in place in our various markets and locations.

Our priority is to reduce the risk of infection of our clients, partners and

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