Symbiotics - A corporate gathering across the globe

A corporate gathering across the globe

Tuesday 25th, April 2017

Earlier this year, rather than have all our staff convene in our Geneva headquarter office for our Corporate Days, we decided to have a group of staff from headquarters travel to our regional offices. The gathering was held simultaneously in Cape Town, Singapore and Mexico City and Geneva.

This unique organization allowed us to be able to meet in smaller groups in the regions where we operate and gain knowledge on their specific markets, methodologies as well as to discuss the company’s objectives and strategies.

Highlights from each location include:

Cape Town: We organized a presentation for some local actors of 10 years of research on global microfinance funds and a panel on Fintech and microfinance with expert panelists based in South Africa.

Singapore: After three full days of knowledge sharing and break-out sessions on various topics, a last day of team building was organized with kayaking and a picnic on a nearby island.

Mexico City: Our staff had the opportunity to do a team building activity where each person had to reconstruct a bicycle (with some help) and ride it to the finish line. The proceeds of our participation were donated to a local children’s association.

Geneva headquarters: In this group, there was a special focus on the East Europe and Central Asia and Middle East and North Africa regions, we had the pleasure of greeting two local guest speakers, both university professors, to talk to us about the transitioning of the Arab world and the “new” Chinese Silk Road.

All in all, our staff was very pleased with this organization and today we feel even more globally local in terms of what we learned about the regions we work in and by getting to know our colleagues based abroad better.