Symbiotics - Unctad’s Empretec helps Symbiotics gain insights on entrepreneurship

Unctad’s Empretec helps Symbiotics gain insights on entrepreneurship

Thursday 3rd, March 2016

Symbotics’ entire management staff recently met in Geneva for a week of seminars and training. As part of the company’s training development program, they engaged in a special training session given by UNCTAD Empretec on entrepreneurship.

The workshop’s main objective was to allow participants to identify what skills and behaviors are important in developing and growing an enterprise, more particularly, in the areas of motivation, communication, efficiency and creativity.

The training provided to Symbiotics was based on Empretec behavioral methodology and Unctad’s Youth Training. These programs are delivered by 600 local trainers worldwide and are offered to micro-, small business owners as well as micro-entrepreneurs in 36 emerging countries across the world. “Empretec’s training was very useful for me and helped all of us to gain insights on how this type of technical assistance can help small business owners in emerging countries to whom our  investments are reaching out,” comments Mariano Larena, Head of Technical Assistance & Development Finance.  In continuation of this partnership, Symbiotics is currently seeking Empretec’s expertise in relation to a new Technical Assistance program designed to enhance small and medium enterprise (SME) development. It would reach out to Symbiotics’ invested financial institutions offering SMEs access to financial services, as well as directly to entrepreneurs/SMEs and end clients from these financial institutions to whom Symbiotics would provide management and soft skills training in association to larger network of training solutions.

In October 2015, Symbiotics sponsored the UNCTAD Empretec Women in Business Awards at the World Investment Forum (WIF) held at the United Nations in Geneva. These awards go out to women from emerging markets who excelled in entrepreneurship and have benefited from UNCTAD Empretec’s training program. Symbiotics has been chosen again to be on the jury for this year’s awards that will be held during the closing session at UNCTAD 14 in July in Nairobi, Kenya.

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