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New report: Swiss Microfinance & Impact Investments Report

Wednesday 2nd, October 2019

We are pleased to provide you with the Swiss Microfinance & Impact Investments Report.

This paper reviews the evolution of private-sector development finance in Switzerland from 2010 to 2018. It analyzes the contribution of Swiss managers specialized in impact investing towards the financing

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New report: SME Finance Loans for Growth Impact Report 2018

Monday 8th, April 2019

We are pleased to provide you with the SME Finance Loans for Growth Impact Report 2018.

This report is the second of a unique study assessing whether, by enabling small and medium enterprise (SME) lending, the Loans for Growth (LFG) impact fund fosters job creation, employment and entrepreneurshi

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The Loans for Growth Fund Impact Report – 2 Questions to the Impact Measurement Team at Symbiotics

Thursday 11th, October 2018

Safeya Zeitoun, Impact Measurement Specialist and Christian Bauwens, Impact Project Coordinator at Symbiotics, explain what the impact report for the Loans for Growth Fund launched in May 2018 is about and what the benefits of outco

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Three questions about social performance measurement and management by Ramkumar Narayanan, Markets & Institutions Analyst

Tuesday 20th, March 2018

Measuring and Managing Social Performance: Ramkumar Narayanan describes Symbiotics’ social performance management framework around which the company measures and reports on the social side of its investments into the microfinance sector.

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Why sustainable investing is becoming so popular

Wednesday 7th, March 2018

Interview of Christoffer Dahlberg, Head of Investor Relations, Symbiotics, sharing an update on CNNMoney Switzerland about Symbiotics and Impact Investing in general.

Start: 11:10 / End: 21:10

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