We offer this client ecosystem a range of services and offerings:

Symbiotics offers tailored private impact debt portfolio management and advisory services, currently serving more than 20 funds for a range of development finance institutions, global banks, asset managers and institutional investors.

Symbiotics is the largest impact investment origination and structuring platform, with more than 4,000 transactions including loans, notes, bonds worth over 5 billion USD since 2005.


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Symbiotics covers over 1,000 financial institutions and intermediaries in more than 80 emerging and frontier markets, producing legal reviews and compliance checks, credit risk ratings, social responsibility ratings, financial and operational advisory reports, and financing capacity analysis.


Through its dedicated bond issuance platform, Symbiotics helps financial institutions raise funds from international investors by issuing sustainable bonds, in line with their social and environmental goals.


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Symbiotics has deployed more than USD 10 million for about 130 technical assistance projects (ranging from governance, product development, technology, sustainability, or social performance), reinforcing financial institutions in emerging markets.


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Symbiotics reports on the social added value of its investments and has developed impact measurement solutions to measure end-client outcomes, with a main focus on evaluating the contribution to job creation and financial inclusion through direct face-to-face interviews with entrepreneurs in emerging and frontier markets.


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