Symbiotics - Mission


Science refers to symbiotics as the study of different species of organisms that are interdependent, gaining benefits from their mutual relationships; life sciences refers to symbiotics as the study of human evolution based on social networking and bonding rather than natural selection; social sciences refers to symbiotics as the art of associating men for the purpose of establishing, cultivating and conserving social life among them.


Our vision is to positively impact low- and middle-income households in emerging and frontier economies in areas such as job creation, food and agriculture, housing, and energy.



Our mission is to contribute to sustainable development in emerging and frontier markets by providing traditionally underserved businesses increased access to capital and financial services. We aim to do this by offering specialized investment solutions that connect socially responsible investors, to micro-, small and medium enterprises and value chain development projects in low-income economies in Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe and South-East and Central Asia.



Our strategy is to be a leading investment company dedicated to inclusive and sustainable finance in emerging and frontier markets.



Our corporate values are focused on the principles of independence, integrity and innovation: independence towards our clients and partners with regards to our investment strategies and choices, integrity of our staff and work, and innovation in our products and services. Moreover, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products and services and are strongly committed to the building of solid human relationships with all our stakeholders.