Symbiotics has designed its Impact Promise as a commitment to apply a three-fold state-of-the-art approach to all its investments.



Sustainable Finance Principles
Each investment is filtered using ESG principles and ratings.



Impact Investing Principles
Each investment is assigned a positive intentionality, using an SDG mapping and reporting scheme.



Inclusive Finance Principles
Each investment targets the base of the pyramid (BOP) population, with a view to create inclusive socio-economic growth for the benefit of low and middle-income households, and micro-, small and medium enterprises.

This three-fold approach anchors the firm as a leader in impact management and measurement. Symbiotics completed on June 2021 its first independent verification demonstrating that its impact management process is aligned with the Operating Principles for Impact Management (OPIM).

The Symbiotics Impact Report presents the social and environmental impact of the company’s portfolio. Financial inclusion lies at the core of the Symbiotics mission, as the company strives to foster widespread access to finance for low-and middle-income households in emerging and frontier markets.

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