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Annual Report 2016

Wednesday 28th, June 2017 - Symbiotics 2016 Annual Report

This annual report provides our firm’s 2016 results in terms of markets, financial institutions, investments, portfolios and impact.

Symbiotics 2016 Annual Report

New white paper: Why microfinance matters to investors

Thursday 1st, June 2017 - Why microfinance matters to investors

This white paper explores different factors that will contribute to a new investment paradigm over the coming decades, namely demographics, credit markets, and the global internet connectivity. As no investor portfolio is immune to these dynamics, our publication makes a case for why microfinance investments make sense in light of these global challenges and how it offers investors a solution to long-term challenges.


Why microfinance matters to investors

Microfinance Funds – 10 years of research and practice

Wednesday 16th, November 2016 - Microfinance Funds: 10 years of research & practice

“A review and analysis of CGAP & Symbiotics’ Microfinance Investment Vehicles Surveys”

Our white paper, co-written with CGAP on the past 10 years of investments in microfinance is available now.
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Corporate Brochure

Tuesday 6th, September 2016 -

A full overview of Symbiotics’ organization and business activities as well as key highlights.

Symbiotics Corporate Brochure

Symbiotics 2015 Annual Report

Thursday 11th, August 2016 - Symbiotics 2015 Annual Report

Read our first public Annual report that was published in June. It offers a review of Symbiotics 2015 business activities, market coverage, financial institution partnerships and social performance.

Symbiotics 2015 Annual Report

Swiss Microfinance Investment Report

Sunday 1st, November 2015 - Swiss Microfinance Investments Report

A review of the microfinance investment vehicles managed in Switzerland.

Swiss Microfinance Investments Report

2016 Symbiotics Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIV) Survey

Wednesday 16th, September 2015 - 2016 Symbiotics Microfinance Investment Vehicle Survey

The 9th edition of the Symbiotics Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIV) Survey has just been published. It is the only industry survey providing a full overview of market trends as well as a peer group analysis of global microfinance investment vehicles. These specialized intermediaries include microfinance investment funds open to multiple and single investors. MIVs offer financial institutions serving low-income clients in emerging markets access to a broad range of financial products.

2016 Symbiotics MIV Survey

Small Enterprise Impact Investing

Tuesday 25th, August 2015 - "Small Enterprise Impact Investing" book

Exploring the “Missing Middle” beyond Microfinance.

"Small Enterprise Impact Investing" book

Microfinance Investments

Tuesday 25th, August 2015 - Microfinance Investment Book

An investor’s guide to financing the growth and wealth of small enterprises and low income households in emerging economies.


"Microfinance Investment" book

Microfinance Investment Vehicles Disclosure Guidelines: Additional Indicators

Tuesday 12th, May 2015 - Microfinance Investment Vehicles Disclosure Guidelines: Additional Indicators

The present document contains sets of new financial and ESG indicators that serve as a guideline for the reporting of microfinance investment vehicles. The new performance indicators were developed by Symbiotics in collaboration with a few other microfinance asset managers in response to a quick evolution of the microfinance investment industry. They complement the consensus guidelines put together by CGAP and other industry stakeholders in 2010 (i.e: “Microfinance Investment Vehicles Disclosure Guidelines 2010”).

Microfinance Investment Vehicles Disclosure Guidelines: Additional Indicators

2014 Symbiotics MIV Survey Report

Tuesday 26th, August 2014 -

The 2014 Symbiotics MIV Survey aims to provide comprehensive market trends and peer group analysis on the microfinance off-shore investment industry. This eight annual survey compiles information from 80 Microfinance Investment Vehicles (MIVs) which have reported their data as of December 2013, using the CGAP MIV Disclosure Guidelines. The report allows fund managers and microfinance investors to benchmark themselves across a variety of key financial and social performance indicators. The study sample covers 94% of the total MIV market asset base, which is estimated at USD 9.9 billion.

2014 Symbiotics MIV Survey Report

Symbiotics Microfinance Index (SMX)
10-year Track Record Outperforming Mainstream Asset Classes

Thursday 13th, February 2014 -

Over the past decade, Symbiotics’ in-house microfinance index, the SMX, has served as an industry benchmark for microfinance fund managers and institutional investors. This paper traces the risk-return profile of the index since January 2004 and compares it with other asset classes. The results underline the effectiveness of microfinance investments in generating stable absolute returns while providing investors with portfolio diversification.

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