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Any information provided herein is exclusively for the attention of professional investors in the sense of the Articles L533-16, L533-11 to L533-15 of the Monetary and Financial Code. By clicking “I agree” you confirm to be a professional client.

A professional client is a client who has the necessary experience, knowledge and skill to make his own investment decisions and correctly assess the risks involved.

For your information, professional client pursuant to article 533-11 specifically are defined as entities that are required to be licensed or regulated to operate in the financial markets, namely :

  • 1. credit institutions;
  • 2. investment firms;
  • 3. other licensed or regulated financial institutions;
  • 4. insurance companies;
  • 5. collective investment schemes and their management companies;
  • 6. pension funds and their management companies;
  • 7.traders in commodities and commodity derivatives;
  • 8. depository funds;
  • 9. other licensed or regulated institutional investors.

In order to qualify as a professional client within the meaning of the AMF, this person must now

  • (i) meet at least two of the three criteria mentioned in Article D. 533-11 of the Monetary and Financial Code to be considered a professional client:
    1. a. balance sheet total equal to or greater than 20 million euros;
    2. b. net sales or revenues equal to or greater than 40 million euros;
    3. c. shareholders' equity equal to or greater than 2 million euros;
  • (ii) or, failing that, request to be treated as a professional client on an optional basis under the conditions of Article 314-6 of the AMF's General Regulations. Such declaration must be made in writing or in another form demonstrable via text.