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Symbiotics launches Tameo, an independent spin-off focusing on enhancing impact funds with support services

April 22, 2021

Symbiotics is pleased to announce the launch of Tameo Impact Fund Solutions, a new company offering reference products to impact investors and fund managers, centered around research solutions (surveys, indexes, benchmarks, publications), impact solutions (labelling, reporting, measurement, verification) and investment solutions (valuations, matchmaking for third party origination, co-investments and secondary trades).

The creation of Tameo coincides with the acceleration and mainstreaming of the impact investing niche, with strong demand by current and new impact funds for better transparency, comparability, pricing, liquidity or impact measurement, as well as deal-flow to enhance their growth and deployment. There are today about 500 funds managed by over 200 investment companies targeting private debt and equity impact investing in emerging and frontier markets, and many more in advanced economies.

The new company will regroup many of the reference industry initiatives that had been launched or incubated at Symbiotics – including historical fund surveys, indexes and benchmarks, as well as its on-line brokerage platform or its impact measurement teams. The team of 10 co-founders will benefit from

Symbiotics as anchor client and investor, but will be able to grow and market their products and services under their own brand, with more autonomy and independence, fully embracing the fast-growing needs and expectations of the market.

Roland Dominicé, CEO of Symbiotics, stated: “We’re very happy and proud to see Tameo emerge as a stand-alone firm that will benefit from a much wider client audience, growing and striving with its key fund support services, bringing to the market essential functionalities that were built and tested over the years at Symbiotics.”

Symbiotics will be launching a fund-raising round amongst industry peers over spring to further establish the independence of Tameo, while remaining an anchor client and minority shareholder.
The start-up has already secured sponsoring from the SECO and TCX in addition to Symbiotics for its flagship “Private Asset Impact Fund (PAIF) Survey 2021”. It is also operational on its investment valuation and impact reporting service lines, with more than 150 bonds or more than USD 1 billion in market value for its valuation services, and a dozen annual impact fund reports ordered for 2021.

Our industry is in continuous need of trust and accountability. At Tameo, we have the know-how and independence to guide funds, managers and investors in moving forward on their path to sustainability”, says Safeya Zeitoun, head of Impact with the firm.


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About Symbiotics
Symbiotics is the leading market access platform for impact investing, dedicated to financing micro- small and medium enterprises and low- and middle-income households in emerging and frontier markets. Since 2005, Symbiotics has structured and originated some 4,000 deals for over 490 companies in almost 90 emerging and frontier markets representing more than USD 5.5 billion. These investments have been purchased by more than 25 fund mandates and more than 50 third party specialized fund managers, forming a growing ecosystem and marketplace for such transactions.

About Tameo
Tameo Impact Fund Solutions SA is a Swiss startup company specializing in the provision of independent and expert services aiming to mainstream the impact investing industry. Tameo provides specialized fund managers and investors with market intelligence, fund research, impact reporting and analysis, and deal valuation as well as other consulting services. Incorporated in December 2020, Tameo currently employs eight people.

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For more information, contact:

Samy Derradji, Corporate Communication Manager, Symbiotics

Tameo – Impact Fund Solutions