Symbiotics - Corporate Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility have been fundamental to Symbiotics since its inception, laying at the heart of everything we do. As stated in our vision, we improve the human capacity to live together on the planet, with a particular focus on socio-economic inclusion and climate resilience.  Please find below some of our recent initiatives.

B Corp Certification

Symbiotics completed the certification process to become a Certified B Corporation, joining a global community of companies assessed for the highest standards of social and environmental performance and ethical business practices.

In its legal statutes, Symbiotics has legally confirmed its commitment to purpose beyond financial profit. The results of the comprehensive B Lab assessment provide an important benchmark for the company and a path to further improve certain areas and take concrete action in the year to come.

The B Corp Certification encompasses every aspect of the business and covers five key impact areas: governance, workers, community, environment and customers. Recent attention on the impact investing sector industry makes the Symbiotics B Corp Certification a notable step and signals a shift towards greater accountability and transparency in the sector.




1to4 Foundation – providing seed investment donations

Symbiotics supports the 1to4 venture philanthropy foundation. Through its Giftvest program, the 1to4 Foundation provides seed capital and supports early-stage social businesses in receiving seed investment donations for job creation and the provision of access to products and services for low-income families throughout the developing world.




Climate Neutral Group – offsetting the carbon footprint

Symbiotics has a partnership with the Climate Neutral Group (CNG) based in Cape Town allowing to compensate for harmful environmental impacts through carbon offsetting. CNG reinvests carbon credits into emissions reduction projects that combine energy, environment and development solutions into sustainable business opportunities in developing countries.

As the pandemic limited the travel of Symbiotics staff overall, Symbiotics offset only 44.8 tons of CO2-equivalent for its 2020 flight emissions. Nevertheless, these carbon credits allowed CNG to fund the Wonderbag project in South Africa and biogas installations in Tanzania. Both projects help reduce carbon emissions and improve the quality of life of people threatened by the impacts of climate change.




Paint a Smile – decorating hospital environments

In December 2019, 32 Symbiotics staff ran the Geneva Escalade race. For each participant staff, we made a donation to Paint a Smile, a Switzerland-based non-governmental organization. Its mission is to reduce anxiety and de-dramatize hospital stays by transforming the cold and impersonal hospital environment into a more colorful and welcoming space. To date, Paint a Smile has decorated 193 healthcare services in 18 countries around the world.