Founded in 2009, the main mission of Greenlight Planet Group ‘GLP’ is to facilitate access to affordable energy to off-grid families through products designed to meet their daily energy needs. The company designs, distributes and finances solar home energy products targeting underserved populations. GLP has provided solar-energy products to more than 60 million consumers located in rural areas in more than 65 countries throughout South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The company operates mainly in India, Myanmar, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Nigeria.

GLP’s products vary from small solar lanterns to solar home systems designed to provide lighting to a whole house, charge phones and run a radio. Thanks to its pay-as-you-go “PayGo” business model, GLP can offer solar products to clients who will pay over time. The PayGo model is a lease-like solution with an 18-month payment maximum and with repayment on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Clients have the option to pay through mobile money or directly with a local agent.

Since its launch, GLP has developed a network of 186 branches selling 90,000 units per month. Some 6,000 agents in charge of prospection, installation, servicing and collection support this extensive presence. In 2020, GLP accounted for 46% of the total off-grid solar industry by number of units sold. The competitive advantages of GLP are its low prices, supply chain control and diversified delivery channels.