Symbiotics - Symbiotics builds up its technical assistance expertise

Symbiotics builds up its technical assistance expertise

Thursday 9th, February 2017

For over six years, Symbiotics has been developing expertise in technical assistance thanks to the launch of the Regional MSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa Fund (REGMIFA) in 2011 and its REGMIFA TA Facility, both managed by Symbiotics. The management of the TA Facility is performed by an experienced team based in Symbiotics headquarters and Cape Town office dedicated to technical assistance offering specialized, customized and fully-fledged TA management services.

TA goes hand-in-hand with Symbiotics’ investment activities, aiming to maximize impact and strengthen the institutional capacity of our partner financial institutions in areas including governance enhancement, capacity building, social impact measurement and financial education and management.

Our key accomplishments in 2016


  • 28 TA projects were designed and processed for a volume of EUR 1.85m.
  • 25 of these TA projects were specifically dedicated to the TA Facility, covering a broader range of innovative topics, including, for example: “Product Development & Mobile Financial Services”, a successful program benefitting several institutions located in 4 different Sub-Saharan Africa countries.
  • Overall track record of 107 approved projects since 2011, for a volume of EUR 6.9 million.
  • As of 31.12.2016, the TAF received donor commitments for EUR 8.1 million.

Moreover, having built up this expertise and established itself as a successful TA provider in Sub-Saharan Africa, Symbiotics became a  member of the Swiss Capacity Building Facility, SCBF, with which currently is working on three technical assistance projects focused on Africa. In 2017-2018, Symbiotics also plans to extend its TA activities in other regions, including Latin America.

About Symbiotics

Symbiotics, incorporated in 2004 in Geneva, is an investment company specialized in emerging, sustainable and inclusive finance which offers market research, investment advisory and asset management services. Since inception in 2005, it has invested USD 3.3 billion in more than 300 institutions in 60 emerging countries, working as an advisor or manager of about 30 investment funds and many institutional investors. The firm is headquartered in Switzerland, with offices in Cape Town, London, Mexico City and Singapore, regrouping 100 employees globally. Symbiotics currently reaches out, indirectly through its investments, to 1,450,000 small enterprises and low income households at the base of the pyramid in emerging and frontier markets.

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